Member Spotlight: Keeping It All Together

Recently, we asked our members to share their HelloWallet success stories, both big and small. We’re here to share their success with you and hope that they will help inspire you to use HelloWallet on your path to financial wellness.

Today we meet three HelloWallet members who were able to get a clear picture of their financial life by using HelloWallet to see everything in one place. If you’re like these members, you might have multiple financial accounts, each with a different online banking site, username, and password. This can make it challenging to keep tabs on your checking and credit card balances while also thinking about your retirement savings. But, HelloWallet can help you keep track of everything in one place. Read on to see how these members did it:

carrieCarrie S., HelloWallet member since 2016

“I am absolutely loving the HelloWallet app, so far! It gives me instant access to all of my finances and retirement balances in one simple website – and it allows me to add my husband’s retirement information as well, so that we have a full, accurate picture of our future. I love the text reminders the app provides – especially when I get that Cha-Ching text telling me that I have money! Nice! Who doesn’t love getting money? At first, I was a bit hesitant about providing so much of my financial information through the app, but I feel confident that the information is protected and secure.”

shawnShawn R., HelloWallet member since 2016

“Before HelloWallet, having to log into multiple websites to keep track of all my bank accounts and credit cards was a challenge. Having them consolidated into one app makes monitoring my income and expenses super easy!”


loriLori S., HelloWallet member since 2016

“My story with HelloWallet is not a long one, yet. I just started…but what has changed dramatically, so far, is my mindset. Being able to set this up and document everything so easily, and view so completely, has provided me a bigger picture of where I am and where I need to go with my finances. I can’t wait to see how this helps me in the future!”


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