Member Spotlight: Reaching Your Financial Goals

Recently, we asked our members to share their HelloWallet success stories, both big and small. We’re here to share their success with you and hope that they will help inspire you to use HelloWallet on your path to financial wellness.

We love hearing how our members use HelloWallet to reach their financial goals. Here are three members whose stories make us proud: Jasmine who used HelloWallet to help tackle her credit cards, William who used HelloWallet to track his expenses as he nears retirement, and Soledad who used HelloWallet to budget for her new car payment. Read on to learn more about how they did it.

jasmineJasmine B., HelloWallet member since 2016

“I accumulated a lot of credit card debt while in college, as I was finding my own education throughout undergrad. When I landed my first full-time job after graduation, I moved to Georgia with 8 maxed-out credit cards. HelloWallet allowed me to organize my accounts in one place so I can see my bigger financial picture. It really helped me to create monthly goals, targeting one credit card at a time while minimizing interest costs. Now, less than a year later, I only have one more credit card to tackle. Tracking my progress through HelloWallet inspired me to keep knocking out the immediate debt, and now I feel more control of my money, spending, and credit. I plan on using HelloWallet to tackle student and auto loans, as well as working on personal and HSA savings. It has been great! Really great.”

williamWilliam Y., HelloWallet member since 2015

“I’m approaching retirement age and needed to get a true picture of my spending. HelloWallet provided the needed information for me to categorize my expenses for the past 18 months. I plan to continue to use the automatic tracking feature of HelloWallet even after retirement.”


Soledad C., HelloWallet member since 2013soledad

“I began using HelloWallet after my company notified me of its availability. Since then, I have been using HelloWallet to track my expenses, categorize my items and plan for my future. Most recently, I utilized HelloWallet to see how much of a monthly budget I could set for a car payment, and I ended up buying a new car in a monthly payment range I was comfortable with. HelloWallet’s easy to use website and visualizations have always made it quick for me to gather the information I need regarding my finances. Thank you, HelloWallet.”

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