Michael’s Story: From Paycheck to Paycheck to Financial Stability

From Paycheck to Paycheck to Financial Stability

At a time when 44% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, HelloWallet member Michael was prepared to cover the costs of a security deposit, a moving company, and an unexpected accident all in one month. Read on to find out how he beat the odds and achieved his own financial success story:

“Every time I needed more money, it was an emergency.”

My success story is about how Hellowallet has helped me grow to become financially stable. It isn’t nearly as glamorous or impressive as many others, but it truly means a lot to me.

I’ve spent most of my life living paycheck to paycheck (or even a few paychecks behind) and every time I needed more money, it was an emergency. I just never had enough to account for any fluctuation in my lifestyle or for any accidents of life. It was a very stressful way to live.

Keeping it all together

It started last year. In the same month, I needed to move to a new apartment and also got into a car accident. My deposit on the new apartment was $500, movers ran $150, and the costs for my accident were prohibitive to say the least. All told, I needed to spend over $2,000 in one month.

Normally that would have been impossible, but thanks to the techniques and processes I learned by using HelloWallet, I had an emergency fund available to help cover the expenses, and I was able to continue on without my life falling to pieces around me.

The road ahead

My story grows from there. In the past two months, I’ve managed to pay off my car loan, set up a budget to begin saving for a trip, and even projected out to being debt free, all using HelloWallet’s tools.

Hellowallet provides comprehensive and intuitive way to check up on things and forecast for the future, and that has been an invaluable service.

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