New Year’s Eve: Financial Resolutions You Can Keep

Last month we helped you prepare your budget for the holiday season, and yesterday we presented you with goal setting strategies and ways HelloWallet can help you create and keep your financial New Year’s resolutions. You can watch a recording of yesterday’s webinar above, otherwise you can read on for a recap…

  1. Set realistic goals. Yep, we said it. You’ve all heard this before, but that’s because it works. Our Principal Scientist, Steve Wendel, provided some goal setting techniques to help you stay on track with your resolutions. He also encourages anyone looking to truly change their behavior for good to be forgiving with yourself as you make mistakes along the way. Be sure to look back at your progress and other times in your life where you’ve had to make changes or adjustments and made it work. Steve also suggests making goals “structural”. A structural goal is like an intentional distraction you create for yourself to keep you from falling back in to bad habits that keep you from achieving your ultimate goal. For more behavior changing techniques and research, be sure to check out Steve’s blog, Action Design.
  2. Do a little HelloWallet housekeeping. Reconnect any broken accounts, update your Profile with correct household and income information, and review your Trends to see where your money has gone in 2013.
  3. Start or re-visit your Guidance. On the Guidance tab, be sure to check your progress for your current step in Savings & Debt Guidance. Adjust your set aside income to complete your current step faster if necessary. Review your Retirement and Health Savings Guidance (if applicable) and commit to new savings plans to make sure you’re on track. Lastly, check up on your Wish List – re-prioritize if necessary, update pricing, and add new items for 2014.
  4. Start fresh with your Budget in 2014. Use the Track tab to set end dates for your current budget items for December 2013 so you can start fresh with your Budget based on your updated information, savings goals and other commitments you’ve made. Use the Plan tab to quickly and easily create your new budget in January, and be sure to add or create custom categories for budget items related to your other resolutions (ie, fitness, education, etc).
  5. Review your Financial Wellness Score. Your HelloWallet Financial Wellness Score will act as your pulse point throughout the year. As you progress through Guidance and other financial milestones your Score will change and improve over time. Be sure to check back frequently to see if you’re on track and where you can continue to improve.

Thanks again to everyone who was in attendance yesterday, and be sure to watch out for our next webinar series coming this winter!

If you have any questions concerning the topics covered in this webinar or recap, please email, or ask a question in our Support Center.