How To Use HelloWallet’s New Income Summary

You asked, we listened. We’re changing the way we think about your income across the HelloWallet web app to better accommodate joint and other streams of income, like rental income. In fact, those of you who have used Retirement Guidance recently will recognize the new Income Summary.

To help you with this adjustment, we wanted to show you how this change would affect your own HelloWallet account.

1.) If you entered your income on your Budget or Profile, but not in Retirement Guidance… We moved that information into your new Income Summary and kept it as a single income. Depending on your household situation, you may now want to make edits to your personal income and add any additional streams.

HelloWallet Old Income
Old income format

HelloWallet New Income Multiple Streams
New income format

2.) If you had entered your income using the Income Summary in Retirement Guidance… We simply migrated your information to the Budget and Profile pages. There should be no additional action required on your part to take advantage of this new Income Summary.

Are you excited to use this new income format to help you budget and plan for retirement? Let us know what other new features you’d love to see in HelloWallet – comment below or email!