What’s New With HelloWallet? August 2014

Your Income is About to Change

In your HelloWallet Profile, at least. You can now add multiple streams of income. Deep breath. Yes, that means you can enter separate income streams for you, your partner, your rental income, the allowance from your parents, and anything your summer rummage sales are bringing in this year. You’ll be able to customize retirement contributions for each income stream as well as its frequency and other details. See this article for details on how this update affects your current income in HelloWallet.

In addition to this change, you can now choose to budget using the precalculated take-home income number, or a totally new amount determined by you.

Starting today, you can also enjoy the first of many updates that will make our transaction auto-categorization easier and more accurate. Uber showing up as Job Expenses? No more. Watch out for more improvements to be unveiled in the coming months.

See the changes in action by watching this month’s Product Update video! Watch it here.

Quick Fixes:

  • Our Android app is now faster and more beautiful
  • Income updating issues now fixed with new income deck
  • “Password” page is now “Security” page
  • Additional 401(k) match policies now supported in Retirement Guidance

Are you friends with your HSA?

Have you recently transitioned to a high deductible health plan? Thinking about making the switch? This video outlines all the ways your HSA should really be your new best friend. Check it out.

Join our team!

Join HelloWallet Team Jobs

Last week we managed to pull ourselves away from our desks for an afternoon to tour Blue Jacket Brewery and catch a Nationals game. Think you want to join the fun? HelloWallet’s hiring in a big way, so be sure to visit our Careers page to find your dream job. See job openings at HelloWallet.

August Webinar: Getting Started With HelloWallet

Join the HelloWallet Community team on Tuesday, August 26th at 2pm EST for this month’s Getting Started webinar. If you’re new to HelloWallet or just need a refresher, this quick webinar is for you! Register Now.

Have suggestions for new features or updates within HelloWallet? Leave it in the comments or email support@hellowallet.com to share!