Improving Employee Benefits


Our new book, Improving Employee Benefits has just been published!  

Improving Employee Benefits shows HR and benefits professionals how to use behavioral economics: To increase the uptake and impact of their benefit programs, from the initial design process to IEBimplementation and evaluation.

You can find it on Amazon in paper and Kindle formats. In addition we have arranged for a free digital copy of the entire book, which you can download.

Most of us who work with employee benefits have been surprised – and sometimes dismayed – at how employees struggle to make the best use of their benefits.    Yet, in survey after survey, employees say that they value their benefits and that they want to save money, be healthy, and properly insure for their families; there’s a disconnect between what employees want, and what actually happens.

In the book, you’ll learn:

  • How employees make decisions about their benefits program.
  • Practical tips for getting attention and participation in a program: from using social proof to running competitions to eliciting implementation intentions.
  • Easy tools to use for measuring the impact of a program and documenting the value a program provides for the company and employees.
  • When incentives are most useful, and when they are likely to backfire
  • How to get HR and senior leadership on the same page about the (behavioral) purpose and success criteria for benefits programs.
  • How to hold vendors accountable for the impact of their programs, and move past misleading industry benchmarks and participation numbers.