As part of the research study you are participating in today, a video recording will be made of your screen movements during your participation in this interview, as well as your comments over the phone. Your consent is required for the following uses of these video recordings: 

1. The video can be studied by HelloWallet for use in regards to this study.
2. The video can be reviewed in private presentations to members of the project team.

This is completely voluntary and up to you. In any use of the video recordings, your name will not be identified. You must check the consent box below to indicate your consent to these terms. 

SENSITIVE INFORMATION: If you enter private information during this study, it will be recorded by the screen sharing capture. However, this information will not be associated with you and will not be stored after that in any other way.

If you have any questions or problems following the interview, you can contact us at, or via the direct email address of the moderator (provided by the moderator at the end of the interview).